One Year of Creativity

I don’t really do new year resolutions (since I gave up drinking one year and look where THAT got me) but I do like to set myself challenges. This year I have two: I want to cycle 3,000 miles (should be doable, I managed over 2,000 this year after starting commuting to work in April even with almost a month off due to injury) and I want to create something every day. I’m not setting myself any real rules or limits for this, other than I’d like to document it in here. Could be words, could be a photo, could be a drawing – could be a quick doodle or it could be work on a bigger project. But there has to be something every day.

I’m lucky enough to have a pretty creative job (I take photos and occasionally write stuff for a living) but I’m going to try to use as little work stuff as possible, because I have to do that. So it’s kinda cheating, but not really I reckon.

I’d be very surprised if I managed to post every day through the year, so there will likely be some bulk uploads and such. That’s fine. I’m making the rules. I’m allowed.

Also I realise I started this on the 28th, so technically still last year. No I don’t care.