3000 Miles

At the start of this year, knowing that I was going to be cycling to work pretty much every day I set myself a challenge of covering 3,000 miles before 2017 was over. In theory, if I rode every day averaging 60 miles a week … More3000 Miles

Revisiting the Quay

After last week’s exploits just playing around in the vast expanse of grassiness that is the Westwood I had a brief hour to squeeze a flight in before heading out biking onSaturday morning. I decided to go back to St. Andrew’s Quay for another play … MoreRevisiting the Quay

Flying out to Sea

One of the reasons I’ve been wanting a decent camera drone for a while is for a project that’s been brewing in my head based around the East Yorkshire coast. It’s not the most exciting bit of coastline in the world, and it’s very flat … MoreFlying out to Sea