Another Visit to the Quay

I feel like I ought to preface the main text of this post with a brief update on my woeful excuse for a Friday. I dropped Jess off at work in the morning then stopped off at the Westwood for a quick fly before work. Problem 1: I’d forgotten to put a memory card in the drone. Great. Never mind, I thought, I”ll just have a fly around and play with some of the auto modes. So I programmed a big ol’ loop around the Westwood and sent the drone out into the wide blue yonder. Problem 2: at the furthest part of the loop (so about 500m away) the app lost connection to the drone, meaning I had no camera view on the screen. I could still see the drone, and it was still following the loop so I wasn’t too worried but it was a bit of a pain nonetheless. As it got a bit closer I took manual control to fly it back home. Problem 3: the drone appeared to have set itself to Atti mode, so was wobbling around a fair bit in the wind. I flew it in close and by this point my fingers were so cold I decided to write it off as a bad job and landed. Problem 4: when I got back to the car it had a puncture, and I had to put the spare on. Perfect.

So Saturday I spent most of the morning sat around waiting for tyres to get sorted (at A1 Tyres in Hull, who were brilliant) then legged it down to St. Andrew’s Quay for a bit of a fly. No app crashes this time, although the FPV feed did seem a little bit more flaky than usual, maybe due to the cold. It dropped at about 500m / 120m and picked up again when I flew back in closer. I had gloves on and the app set to full screen so I wasn’t getting all the info I usually would. I decided to concentrate on getting a few photos rather than video as the gloves were making accurate control a bit tricky (though I feel like my control is getting better all the time).

The other exciting news is that my handle for the Mi gimbal has turned up. I’ve not had a chance to have a proper play with it yet (busy weekend and work during the week means I’ve not had a chance to get out in the light) but I’m hoping to get some test footage next weekend and update then. Initial impressions are good, it feels nicely solid and seemed to stabilise my walking around the landing pretty well.

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